First Game Memories

Rashad Barksdale


On His First NFL Memory:

I was about to become the first player from my college to ever play in a regular season NFL game, right after I became the first to ever be named to the active roster. We were playing the Jacksonville Jaguars, and my first play was on kickoff. If anyone has ever been to a game in Kansas City, you know it's loud, especially for the opening kickoff. I made my first tackle while playing on the punt team as a gunner.

Leading up to the game, I took it as just "another" game. I kept my cool and did not panic. I can't say I was ever really too nervous about playing. If there is one thing that I took away from that game and can laugh about it now, it’s the way I wore my socks. I wore them with no swag at all! My teammates didn't say a word to me until after the game! It finally hit me about an about a few hours after the game, that I actually lived my childhood dream out and I was recognized by a fan while ordering Chipotle!

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