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Darrell Green


From creating turnovers in games to playing in Super Bowls, Darrell Green never let football stop him from giving back to his community. Now, as a Trust Captain, Green is able to also give back to the NFL’s brotherhood.

First-ballot Hall of Famer Darrell Green never expected to be in the Pro Bowl or the Hall of Fame, let alone the NFL. “Whether you just make the league, whether you get signed or drafted, all of these things are very special because you are one in multiple millions,” he said. “Making the Pro Football Hall of Fame was the pinnacle; you’re finished with your career.”

While Green does not have a favorite memory from his 20 years of playing for the then Washington Redskins, winning his first Super Bowl with the first ever historically recognized African American quarterback, Doug Williams, stands out; a truly monumental moment.

Coming from the projects in the “food stamps communities of Houston”, as he describes it, Green naturally gravitated to young children who were just like him growing up. Green knew what he wanted to do when he came to Washington, and he knew what he wanted to do after football. Green found his sense of purpose.

He feels he owes a great deal to football because it got him to do what he wanted to and allowed him to become who he wanted to be. “I’m grateful for football because it did get me here, got me my wife, got me… my access, my resources, my influence… I’m standing on that foundation.”

Over his time living in the Washington Metro area, Green has set up learning centers for disadvantaged youth, started the Darrell Green Youth Life Foundation in the late 80s, and so much more.

It is what inspired him to stay in the same city for 20 years. Green was not a player that wanted to follow the money; he was following the purpose; he wanted to leave a footprint with the team that had not left one yet in the community.

“When I got out of football, I actually quit. They didn’t get rid of me,” Green said. “I actually felt like it was time for me to move on and be more aggressive in some things that I was doing.”

In addition to his philanthropic efforts with the region’s youth, Green also serves as a Trust Captain. As a Trust Captain, Green, along with the other Captains, assist their peers for a life after football. “We don’t expect to get paid like a job,” Green said. “It’s a service of love and commitment.”

While he did not join The Trust when it was founded, Green knew he wanted to serve as a guiding force for Former Players after learning about what The Trust had to offer. He felt that being a part of The Trust was just an extension of the work that he was already doing. “We’re doing that anyway,” Green said. “That’s kind of what motivated me. I didn’t know you guys were doing what you were doing, we knew the people who needed the help.”

You need to get into The Trust as soon as you get out, so you don’t lose the contact.

Green encourages all Former Players, past, present, and future, to join The Trust as soon as you’re out of the league or as soon as you are aware of it. He believes that The Trust bridges the gap in times that Former Players may experience when they leave the league.

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