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Trust Spotlight: Leo Hayden

Leo Hayden, the former NFL running back, speaks about the importance of getting help for mental health struggles and addiction and the invaluable support provided by the Menninger Clinic and The Trust.

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The Trust Course 1: Innovating YOUR Self

Exclusively found on The Trust App, Course 1 focuses on exploring, imagining, and actualizing your next steps after playing in the NFL. Download The Trust app to begin Course 1 and join The Trust's online community today!

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Our Pillars

The Trust services address three key areas of life — Community and Connection Opportunities, Health and Wellness Resources, Personal and Business Development — and through the strength of these Pillars, we provide support and a trusted team dedicated to helping our Members win in their next season.


The Trust has been able to clear my conscience, give me confidence and change my perspective on the NFL. Once the game is done, they actually do care about you.

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Leo Hayden

Leo Hayden speaks about the importance of getting help and having support around you.


Isaiah Johnson

Former NFL Safety today is encouraging the next generation of players to find their voice.


Gary Plummer

Former NFL linebacker & Super Bowl XXIX champion, who is a mental health advocate.

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