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Trust Spotlight: Joe Kelly

Joe Kelly is a former linebacker who spent eleven years in the NFL. A passionate community leader, Kelly shared his story to help former players understand the value of their benefits and find life after football.

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Men's Health Month

Take advantage of a program that can financially help you manage your physical health needs.

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Our Pillars

The Trust services address three key areas of life — Community and Connection Opportunities, Health and Wellness Resources, Personal and Business Development — and through the strength of these Pillars, we provide support and a trusted team dedicated to helping our Members win in their next season.


The Trust has helped me get back on track with mental wellness. Without it, you can’t do anything else.

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Joe Kelly

Kelly helps former players understand the value of their benefits and life after football.


Cliff Crosby

A player who overcame adversity, and used pressure as a source of motivation.


Chris Mohr

A family man who shares the value of a support system. 

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