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Trust Spotlight: Kevin Garrett

Kevin Garrett is a former NFL cornerback who spent five years in the NFL. A successful entrepreneur and author, Garrett shared his story to inspire his community and shed light on the resources available to former players.

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Working America - Open Enrollment

Working America assists by providing information to help you make a decision about your health coverage needs, and by connecting you with unbiased licensed professionals who can help you shop for coverage. Open enrollment is November 1st through December 15th.

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Our Pillars

The Trust services address three key areas of life — Community and Connection Opportunities, Health and Wellness Resources, Personal and Business Development — and through the strength of these Pillars, we provide support and a trusted team dedicated to helping our Members win in their next season.


They allowed me to rejuvenate my career—it was energizing, and it’s going to open up some doors in the teaching world. In my field, the more educated you are, the more doors open.

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Robert Wilson

Robert Wilson discusses importance of preparing for life after football.


Kevin Garrett

Garrett is successful entrepreneur & author, discusses the resources for former players.


Quintus McDonald

Quintus highlights the benefits of a strong support system after retirement.

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