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Trust Spotlight: Cory Fleming

Corey Fleming took the skills he learned on the football field and found a way to apply them in the business field

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#MoreThanFootball - Real Estate

This session we're focusing on REAL ESTATE and its led by three former players who have successfully made their mark in the REAL ESTATE industry: Sam Barrington, Darnell Dinkins, and David Yankey. Whether you’ve thought about entering the real estate industry and would like to learn some tips of the trade or have real estate or development experience yourself, this session is for you!

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Our Pillars

The Trust services address three key areas of life — Community and Connection Opportunities, Health and Wellness Resources, Personal and Business Development — and through the strength of these Pillars, we provide support and a trusted team dedicated to helping our Members win in their next season.


I'm super, super grateful The Trust is doing things to help players transition. Football is not a career, football is a stepping stone and a platform of influence.

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Cory Fleming

Cory Fleming took the skills he learned on the football field into the business field.

Captain Spotlight

Kirk Morrison

Kirk went from being drafted by his hometown team to transitioning as a sports broadcaster


Jordan Senn

Jordan Senn went from helping his teammates to help helping people in the medical field.

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