ManpowerGroup and The Trust have teamed up to bring you a unique Career Service Program that's all about you. No matter if you're navigating life after your NFL career, thinking about switching jobs while you're already working, or aiming to move up in your current role, ManpowerGroup is here to be your partner on your journey to success.

In this all-inclusive Career Service Program, you'll be connected with a dedicated Career Coach from our experienced team. They take an educational approach to giving you great advice, invaluable support, and helping you prepare for your dream career. We've got targeted assessments to align your skills and experience with the diverse job opportunities available within your desired market. Additionally, we will guide you through personal branding exercises aimed at teaching you how to effectively translate your achievements into marketable skills, and apply them to documents such as your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile (don’t worry, we’ll help you build & optimize these). The convenience of our Career Service Program lies in its flexibility, allowing you to engage with your dedicated Career Coach at your convenience, be it through scheduled phone calls, video conferences, or email/text correspondence. You’ll have access to our career development platform, called NEXT, which allows you access to our resources 24/7.

Collaborating closely with your Coach, you'll learn to become a pro at advanced job searching and smart networking. You'll build connections with important people who can help make your career goals a reality. Our program is flexible, mixing on-demand and live learning, cool networking sessions, and regular job fairs – all designed to meet you where you are in your career journey.

Upon request, we’ll even match you with one of our Pro-Recruiters from our brands Experts, Manpower, and Jefferson wells, who will provide exclusive access to a myriad of job opportunities within your desired market.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey with ManpowerGroup as your trusted partner? Simply reach out to your designed Program Manager at the Trust and request a referral to start your journey to career success.

... it’s just nice having an unbiased person to talk to about finding that career. They don’t have any interests saying ... 'maybe you should head down this career.'

Greg Camarillo

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