About Us


The Trust’s mission is to support NFL players as they live their purpose beyond football.


On November 12, 2013, The Trust launched with a simple objective: provide former players with the support they need to succeed in life after football. The earned benefits and resources made available were created with leading experts in close collaboration with active and former NFL players.

An unwavering commitment to NFL players is an inherent part of who we are. Powered by the NFL Players Association (NFLPA), The Trust was built to assist members by providing access to resources, experts and premiere partners as they explore their next chapter. As the leading provider of opportunities available to NFL players after football, The Trust is respected by its membership for its generous resources and critical services.

Eligible former players have access to The Trust’s VIP concierge level of services and resources. Working with our experts, our Members discover their true purpose beyond football. Our coaches ignite strengths and give our Members resources and confidence to enter into the next season like the champions that they are. Our commitment is unparalleled and our results unrivaled. Personal and Business Development, Health and Wellness Resources and Community and Connection Opportunities are all readily accessible to our Members. The Trust is here to make sure our Members don’t leave valuable resources and revenue on the table. Our Members have earned these benefits!

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  • Our Team

    The Trust is comprised of skilled staff to provide customized support and guidance to former players for every step of their Trust experience.

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  • Our Captains

    The Trust Captains are former NFL player leaders with a commitment to continue serving their peers in life after the game.

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  • Our Partners

    The Trust has partnered with world-class organizations to provide the best resources to assist you in your transition.

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