A unique opportunity to visit The Trust and the NFLPA offices in Washington, DC and meet with the departments that matter most in your transition.

The Trust

Provides access to career, medical, nutrition, entrepreneurial and continuing education services -- all benefits you’ve earned.

Benefits Department

Empowers NFL players with the knowledge of their benefits to help you make informed life stage decisions.

Former Player Services

‘One Team’ built around a fraternity of former NFL players who are aligned, connected and engaged, working together in life beyond football.

Player Affairs

Committed to providing world class service, superior support and ensuring maximum solidarity for all players.

Legal/Worker's Compensation

Helps players protect their collectively bargained benefits and connects you with resources regarding potential benefits under state workers’ compensation laws.

NFL Player's Inc.

Offers smart and creative solutions tailored to the diverse group of NFL players' personalities.

For me, it was just a reassurance and a knowledge-check... The overall structure and the nuances of the benefits are what I got educated on during my Wraparound.

Travis Swanson

The Trust is here to support you.
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