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The Trust and Cigna offer you secondary benefits coverage for authorized outpatient mental health services with certain providers under The Trust’s Supplemental Mental Health Benefit. Your mental wellness is just as important as your physical health and we have resources that aim to keep it a top priority.

Reducing anxiety and stress has been shown to improve overall wellness and guard against a number of physical disorders. It is our goal to assist you with finding the help you need to create healthy routines – A healthy post-NFL life includes a vision of purpose that fuels your every move off the field.


The Trust and Cigna have partnered to offer eligible former NFL players coverage for certain outpatient mental health services under The Trust’s Supplemental Mental Health Benefit (SMHB). Cigna will facilitate the submission and payment of all benefit claims.

The SMHB aims to provide Trust Members with access to outpatient psychiatry and counseling services in their home community. Eligible services covered by the SMHB include psychiatric evaluations and follow-up appointments, Intensive Outpatient Programs, Partial Hospitalization Programs, and individual counseling to address mental/behavioral health concerns.

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Lakeview Health is a licensed and Joint Commission accredited addiction treatment and recovery center. Eligible former players may utilize inpatient treatment at Lakeview Health Substance Addiction Treatment and Recovery facility to treat substance abuse. Eligible former players who struggle with alcohol and substance use disorders and co-occurring mental illnesses can access this benefit.

In treating addiction, Lakeview Health addresses healing of the mind, body, and spirit – and the root of the diseases that fuel the cycle. Eligible former players are able to focus on their recovery, using curriculum and programming offered by Lakeview Health specific to their needs. Other specialty programs include pain recovery, medical and psychiatric care. The dual-diagnosis care at Lakeview Health addresses substance use, as well as trauma, mood disorders, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and more.

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I wasn’t raised with a 'if you have a problem, let's go to counseling' type of mindset. But, I was raised to have an open mind and the counseling was a great experience for me.

Charles Ali, former NFL fullback

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