Critical Care Benefit Program

The Trust's Critical Care Benefit Program assists eligible Former Players with coverage for select emergency medical and critical illness expenses. The cost of treating an urgent medical condition can cause significant financial strain. With the support of the Critical Care Benefit Program, players afflicted with a dire medical concern can prioritize their care while mitigating economic stress.

Covered Conditions: The Former Player must have one (or more) of the following Covered Conditions: benign brain tumor or osseous tumor; cancer (invasive, non-invasive, and skin); coronary artery bypass; coma; loss of ability to speak, hear, or see; paralysis of 2 or more limbs; heart attack; sudden cardiac arrest; valve disease; arrythmia; congestive heart failure; kidney failure; major organ transplant (bone marrow, heart, lung, pancreas, or liver); ALS; Alzheimer’s Disease; Multiple Sclerosis; advanced Parkinson’s Disease; Parkinsonism; essential tremor; severe burn, or stroke.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Enrolled in the Trust;
  • Must have a Covered Condition;
  • Vested (Former Players with three or more credited seasons. Spouses and children are not eligible);
  • Under age 65;
  • Financial need (income not greater than 500% of the Federal Poverty Line); and
  • Enrolled in the HRA Plan, with an account balance of $50,000 or less.

Annual Maximum:

The Critical Care Benefit Program will provide coverage up to $50,000 (the “Annual Maximum”) per Trust fiscal year (March 1 – February 28) (the “Plan Year”) for eligible costs for medical care that is related to the treatment or alleviation of a Covered Condition. Eligible Former Players may receive coverage up to the Annual Maximum each Plan Year, beginning on March 1st.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Application Checklist

Application Checklist

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