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Marcus Lucas


Offense, defense, special teams. Marcus Lucas played it all, so he could keep his dream of being a professional athlete alive for another day. But that came at a cost – a lack of stability in the NFL. Lucas played for nine different NFL teams in the span of five years; it was during his third training camp that Lucas made the switch from wide receiver to tight end.

“I was a guy that was always on the fringe to where I was always on the last day of cuts so there was some uncertainty with the guys we had at the receiver position,” Lucas said. “The type of guy I am, the type of player I am, I try to fill the gaps, fill the void.”

Lucas, who is originally from Missouri, was introduced to football in middle school, where he played offensive and defensive line. As he naturally progressed, his goals evolved. In middle school, he aspired to make varsity football in high school. From varsity football, the ambition shifted to playing in college, and ultimately, he set his sights on the NFL.

But football was not Lucas’s first love. As a kid in Missouri, Lucas had his eye on basketball. “I had basketball dreams. I had hoop dreams growing up. I thought I was going to play professional basketball when I was a young kid,” Lucas said. “Then I got introduced to the game of football and fell in love with it and the rest is history.”

As one chapter was drawing to a close, another one was just beginning. Lucas always knew that he wanted to be a business owner of some sort. “I’m an entrepreneur at heart,” Lucas said. “I truly believe in making relationships along the way, building networks, building systems.”

I don’t think the NFL was everything to me, but I think that it was definitely a steppingstone and launch pad for my purpose in life.

Lucas is the proud business owner of Krustaceans Seafood, a restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina which opened in 2020.

Lucas aspires to broaden his mind and explore future endeavors with The Trust. “I want to make sure I take advantage of some of the opportunities that are out there.”

He also hopes to take advantage of the diverse brotherhood that The Trust has to offer because of the ability to bounce ideas and experiences off guys that have had different levels of success compared to him.

To have a community that has so many stories and like-minded people, I think that has been one of the most intriguing parts about The Trust.

The bond of the football brotherhood remains strong for Lucas, who continues to cherish the friendships he formed with his college roommates. He even extends support to friends still in the league, taking the time to commend them on their outstanding performances. Lucas hopes to utilize The Trust for future networking opportunities, as well as utilize resources that provide financial tips and assist in the upkeep of his health and wellness.

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