From the Desk of the Executive Director

To Our Former Players,

The Trust celebrates the kickoff of Mental Health Awareness Month as we begin the month of May.

As a man with a family history of depression, I am fully aware of how mental health affects every part of our lives. The Trust is proud of its continued commitment to emphasizing mental wellness for you and your spouses, significant others and family members. Stopping the stigma of mental health is an area our staff, Trust Captains and partners are passionate about, educated and focused on.

At The Trust, we have designed specific support services through Cigna, Eisenhower Center, our medical partners (Cleveland Clinic, HOAG, Massachusetts General, Tulane, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) and others to assist players with the challenges that may arise once you leave the NFL. Mental wellness is not only about traumatic brain injury or the effects of concussions, although we understand this could potentially impact former players. Rather, a healthy mindset includes self-exploration, a post-career gameplan and work-life balance. The Trust strives to be a resource in all of these areas.

One concept constantly emphasized in the game of football is “team.” This encourages not only playing for yourself, but also for your brother next to you. I believe we can use this same mentality regarding post-career transition in general, and mental health awareness specifically. If you or a former player you know needs assistance, please reach out to The Trust at 866-725-0063, or by visiting

Throughout the month we will be providing content about mental health on our website and via social media. The goal is to raise awareness, highlight resources to assist those in need and give players a chance to tell their own stories.

Once again, thank you for all you’ve given to the game of football, and for allowing us at The Trust the opportunity to serve you.

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Bahati VanPelt
Executive Director, The Trust

If you believe that you're experiencing a mental health crisis we encourage you to seek help. In the process of helping yourself, you may be giving the courage to others to reach out for help as well. If you or someone you know is in crisis please call the NFL Life Line  at 1-800-506-0078 or call 9-1-1 or head to your nearest local emergency room.

The Trust is an organization committed to a former player's well being. With customized gameplans, The Trust meets each former player where he is in his transition.

We focus on a former player's unique needs through the tailoring of a personalized transition gameplan. Where ever you are in your transition, there is a team that is ready to assist with what's next.

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