Injuries Don't Retire

No matter how hard we train, injuries will occur in sport, especially in a contact sport like football. From peewee to the NFL, there are very strong athletic bodies colliding — sometimes in a very violent manner. Although many injuries can be prevented, the inevitable will happen and surgery will be required.

Post-surgical rehabilitation and treatments are key in your success to return stronger in the sport, but what happens after you retire? In most cases, treatment is suspended and/or no longer pursued as other life events take precedent. This is where our Performance Physical Therapists have seen many athletes come in with older injuries that were taken care of as an active player, but were then forgotten. Even with an injury, surgery, and a rehabilitation program, you must be prepared and dedicated to support your body over the course of your lifetime, not just your active career. Our Performance Physical Therapy staff highly recommends taking care of the previously injured site after the player retires.

Common complications that occur to many joints in the body can limit mobility, which can affect your daily activities. Can you imagine playing with your child or grandchild and not able to hold them due to previously injured shoulders? Not only does limited mobility cause extreme amounts of pain, in some cases, it also creates compensatory movements that tend to lead to other injuries over time. Even though the worst may have previously happened to you, this is a simple way to be proactive and prevent these injuries from reoccurring or worsening. You know what it takes to take care of that injury, now let’s focus on staying ahead of it to prevent any further damage to your body.

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