New Year, New Pain?

A new year brings resolution time again! Many people love starting new fitness and workout routines this time of year. Unfortunately, many are unable to stay on their set plan – Not because they don't want to see results, but because they are unable to keep up with their routine due to pain.

One of the most common choices, and most commonly misunderstood, is that you need to start running ... a lot. Yes, this is proven to help burn calories, but it is most likely NOT your best choice. Many start to go out and run without a proper warm up or build up for your body. This typically always responds with pain from your feet, ankles, knee, hips and back. We far too often see people in the streets or at your local gym running with a noticeable limp, or loaded down with braces, straps, and tape.

Getting fit SHOULD NOT CAUSE YOU PAIN! There may be some days of mild discomfort, but PAIN should never been a response from your workouts, whatever they may be. Going out after not doing anything for months or years and deciding to run a few miles is not your best option.

Start small and begin workouts a few days a week. Crushing yourself on the first day and being unable to make it in for the next 3 days is going to be less beneficial to you than getting quality workouts in over multiple days. If you do start running, make sure you prepare your muscles, and core prior to going out. Be sure to build up your runs – You can run multiple days, but change the intensity, duration, or lengths on these days if you choose.

Our recommendation – Start a strength training program 3-4 days a week if you have been sedentary. These workouts should incorporate full-body movements and conclude with some sort of high intensity short duration ESD (energy system development) or cardio.

Working out and getting fit for your New Year’s resolution is great, but make sure you are not beating your body up worse to prevent you from getting to your goals! Always contact your physician prior to starting any physical activity.

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