EXOS provides you with everything you need to get back on track with nutrition and fitness.

EXOS' world-class team of experts guide players through the next chapter of their life. Whether through the Breakfast Club program, the Intensive Restorative Training program, Free Agent program or the Physical Therapy Benefit, former players can find the resources to fit their needs.

How EXOS Can Assist You:

  • Customized annual health and performance assessment
  • Access to integrated team of physical therapists, performance specialists, and dietitians
  • Personalized physical fitness and nutritional planning
  • Online access to tailored life and fitness roadmap
  • Comprehensive nutrition and post-NFL health education

Each former player who participates in EXOS training receives a customized action plan to set the stage for the successful behaviors that help repair the player and rebuild the person. Former players can also access a vast network of EXOS training facilities to help them successfully continue their personal growth after leaving the league.

The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is a free six-week program that utilizes EXOS’ resources to enhance former players’ lives and create long-lasting positive lifestyle habits.

The Breakfast Club aims to give former players the opportunity to work out together and recreate that locker room atmosphere at EXOS and YMCA facilities throughout the country.

The Breakfast Club is open to all former players who have two credited seasons, regardless of how long they’ve been out of the NFL.

As part of the program, all former players receive:

  • Three customized workout sessions per week.
  • Unlimited physical therapy and one-on-one meetings with a Performance Dietitian.
  • Post-workout nutritional shakes and breakfast.
  • Take home equipment, swag, and gear.

Note: Due to COVID-19, all of our Breakfast Clubs are virtual for the foreseeable future. Check out our events page for upcoming virtual sessions and how to join.

Intensive Restorative Training Program

The Intensive Restorative Training Program (IRT) is designed to help former players feel and move better. This proactive approach to health and wellness with the performance staff allows for former players to enhance their life through training and recovery.

The IRT program offers membership access at EXOS Performance Centers in Phoenix AZ, Frisco TX, Carlsbad SD, Pensacola FL, and at the UCLA Health Sports Performance center Powered by EXOS. Former players with two credited seasons gain access and receive a full membership at the EXOS Performance Center where they can train alongside their peers as well as a customized meal plan designed by EXOS’ nutrition team to fuel their body for a healthy lifestyle. Alongside the year membership you will also receive 1 performance recovery massage per month.

As part of the program, participants receive:

  • A series of evaluations, including:
    • Biomechanical movement quality and efficiency
    • Movement capacity and cardiovascular fitness
    • Functional performance evaluations
    • Physical therapy examinations
    • Nutrition assessments
  • Training and corrective movement sessions
  • Performance recovery massage (1 per month)
  • One-on-one nutrition consultations
  • Individual workout plans
  • Customized meals
  • Access to EXOS Remote Coaching Solution website and app for at home or on the go workouts.

Physical Therapy Benefit

As part of the Physical Therapy Benefit, former players can receive 16 Physical Therapy sessions at one of over 45 EXOS-affiliated facilities across the country. These sessions expire at the end of the fiscal year and reset annually. .

As part of the benefit, participants receive:

    • Full Physical Therapy evaluation
    • Skilled Manual Therapy including joint and soft tissue mobilizations and other appropriate modalities
    • Corrective exercise plan focused on individual goals
    • Individualized one-on-one remote or in-person nutrition consultations with an EXOS Registered Dietitian

EXOS Remote Coaching Solutions

EXOS offers remote coaching solutions for former players, regardless of where you live. With this program you gain access to a continuing growing library of workouts, including, yoga, mindset exercises, recovery sessions, sports performance workouts, Breakfast Clubs, nutrition education and more.

As part of the benefit, participants receive:

  • Full access to (App also available via iTunes and Google App Store)
  • Ability to schedule 1 on 1 consultations with EXOS Performance Specialist and EXOS Performance Dietitian
  • Access to Partner Perks - discounts on equipment and supplements

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