Workout Playlists & Motivation

Throughout the years, music has played an essential role in life. Utilizing this to help you get motivated is a great way to continue strong throughout your workouts.

Research has shown that music has a positive correlation to working out. One simple example is that is provides a distraction to the task at hand ie: getting through a strenuous workout or going for a long run. Having your favorite music or songs playing allows for the task at hand to be completed and prevents the tiresome or negative feelings to occur.

Another example on how it can affect your workout is the rate in which your music plays, which is counted by beats per minute or BPM. You may notice if you are listening to something that has a faster rate (say 160BPM vs 120BPM) you find yourself running a little harder or faster. Again, the music is playing a role and creating an additional physiological feedback, allowing you to work a little harder or longer.

Music also is proven to have strong emotional connection between the artist and listener. Many listeners listen to things that they have a positive emotional connection with, creating a positive experience and increasing motivation.

With so many music apps and different style of head phones and speakers, there are endless opportunities and ways to incorporate your favorite songs into your workout. Apps like Pandora have an entire section dedicated to working out, whether you like rock, country, rap, or hip hop: It’s time to find your playlist and get moving!

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