Planning Your Workout Routines

It’s that time of year again; life becomes a little more difficult as we all begin to adjust to back to school routines.

Establishing and planning your routine early and having the ability to adjust on the fly are two of the most important attributes to creating a successful routine.

  • Plan early

Plan for the month, the week and the day. Look at the big picture and FIND time for YOURSELF. Some days it may only be 30 minutes. When you look at the full week or month, you can plan and create a dynamic, functional and challenging workout program.

  • Adjust on the fly

Changes WILL happen; there is no question in that, no matter how hard you plan. THAT’S OK – stressing over this will only cause more harm than good. Knowing you have built out your workout routine allows adjusting on the fly even easier.

Talk to your program manager about setting up a schedule. The professionals at EXOS can help with your performance goals. We will be more than happy to help build your programs to best suit your life.

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