Packing a Punch: Protein and Granola Bars

Have you ever been overwhelmed trying to decide which granola or protein bar is the best option for your needs? There are so many options that it can be quite confusing to decide which one to purchase. To help simplify the search, here is a breakdown of what to look for on the nutritional label (and see below for a list of our favorite contenders on the market).

When looking at a nutrition label, the fewer ingredients the better! If it has a long list of ingredients that you can’t pronounce, it may be best to put it back on the shelf. Keep it simple with ingredients such as oats; nuts, like almonds; and fruits, like dates or apples.

Seek out products that contain at least 3g of fiber per serving and curb your sweet tooth with natural sugars like those in fruits. Fiber is something most people don’t eat enough of, but it is very important and beneficial. It aids in digestive regularity, helps control blood sugar and appetite and may assist in lowering unhealthy cholesterol.

Try to limit artificial and added sweeteners and opt for items that have sugars from fruit or a natural sweetener like honey or stevia. Some varieties of granola bars have so much added sugar that it’s basically a dressed up candy bar.

Look for an option that contains at least 10g of protein per bar. Protein bars are often more filling than a granola bar and are a better option after a hard workout or for a snack or meal replacement.

If you are looking for a bar to help you reach certain weight loss goals, be sure to pay attention to the calories and fiber content. It needs to fit into your daily goals, but make sure it has enough fiber and protein to actually keep you full. Some bars don’t have much staying power, so you’ll find yourself reaching for another snack quickly.


Protein Bars:
Quest Protein Bar (Cookies and Cream): 21 g protein, 20 g Carbs, 14 g Fiber, 1 g Sugar, 2 g erythritol, 190 Cal
Kind Bar STRONG (Honey Mustard): 10 g protein, 15 Carbs, 3 g Fiber, 6 g sugar, 230 Cal.
Oatmega (Chocolate Mint Crisp): 14 g protein, 21 g Carbs, 7 g Fiber, 5 g sugar, 190 Cal.

Granola Bars:
Lärabar (Cappuccino): 5 g protein, 22 Carbs, 4 g fiber, 16 g sugar (contains dates), 200 Cal.
Kind Bar FRUIT & NUT DELIGHT (Almond Coconut Cashew Chia): 5 g Protein, 18 Carbs, 3 g Fiber, 8 g Sugar, 200 Cal
Kind bar NUT & SPICE (Dark Chocolate Nuts 7 Sea Salt): 6 g Protein, 16 g Carbs, 7 g Fiber, 5 g sugar, 200 Cal

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