Create Your Hidden Dream Job: Part 2

The idea behind this series is to help you take steps to uncover your dream job. Last week we covered two main points. The first point was, knowing yourself (strengths, skills and abilities) so you can create the job description of your dreams at the company of your dreams. Secondly, using your network to connect with the right people in the right places to begin the conversation, in hopes of changing your dreams into a reality.

So now, what do you say once you’ve found the right person in the right place?

  1. Pitch your idea: You’ll have to prepare an elevator pitch and show the connection that an investment in you will lead to an impact on their bottom line. You have to show your value and what problem(s) you can solve: increase revenue, improve customer service model or generate creative ideas, to name a few. Start by reflecting on your top professional achievements and how those achievements could affect change at their company.
  2. Show your passion: Study all the background knowledge you can find, this information is essential. For example, if you secure a meeting with a company that just opened new international locations a few months ago and you ask a question about global growth potential that clearly shows your lack of knowledge of their latest venture -- closing the window of opportunity in your favor. Study the business, the industry and it’s competitors. This foundation of knowledge will communicate you know the landscape and you can make an immediate impact once hired.
  3. Connect the dots: Lastly, don’t forget to tie in why the creation of your dream job is so important. Focus on how the role fits into the industry or decreases inefficiencies and therefore saves the organization money.

It’s important to note that creating or finding your dream job is a process, much like a courtship. Expect it to take months, if not longer. Keeping in contact with your network is a key component. Reaching out just to say “hello”, to congratulate someone on a new contract and not asking for anything in return is a part of that process. All the while staying on the minds of decision makers and making them think, “I can’t wait to hire that guy.”d

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