Bring Joy Back to Food

For many, food has become a chore: the work that goes into shopping, preparing and cooking meals, trying to follow a healthy “diet”, finding time to actually sit down and eat. Set a goal this week to try and bring some fun back to eating. Many comfort foods bring us joy and ease from the memories and emotions that are tied to them, not the actual foods themselves. We can recreate that again and even create new positive interactions with food. Whether it’s a piece of hot cheesy pizza or roasted chicken and mashed potatoes, allow yourself to savor the foods you eat and enjoy them.

Many people also get into food ruts, where they eat the same foods day after day, week after week. Variety is important to keep food pleasurable, as well as to truly thrive and have vibrant health. Challenge yourself to try a new food, or an old food cooked a new way. Your local farmer’s market is a great place to explore new foods and you can ask for recommendations on preparing and cooking new items. If you find a new fruit or vegetable to try at the grocery store, do a quick internet search to explore the benefits of the food as well as some great recipe options.

Choose one meal this week to truly enjoy. Whether you eat out or at home, alone or with special ones, start by finding gratitude for the food. Be grateful for the people who grew the food, transported and sold it. If you’re eating out, be grateful for those who prepared and served the meal. Let go of all worries about work and family and truly enjoy each bite. You can even put on some favorite music or read a book you love. Create an atmosphere that makes you happy. How does the food look, smell and taste? Let go of any concerns about what you’re eating and how much. Just sit back and enjoy!

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