5 Ways to Break a Sweat and Strengthen Family Bonds

While exercise has a wealth of personal benefits, doing a physical activity together can also be a great way to promote family bonding. Take a break from hanging solo and break a sweat this Father’s Day with these family-oriented athletic activities:

Basketball ­­— The bragging rights alone usually make the outcome of a basketball game worth it with your family members. But did you know that according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention there are 3 different ways to determine the intensity of basketball as your choice of exercise? Chasing your kids, or father, around on the court can really burn you some calories! Just keep in mind, “Game” intensity is considered the highest level, where as “non-game” and “shooting” are considered less intense respectively. For example, a 200-pound person playing a 30-minute game will burn roughly 360 calories. If you play for a full hour that is well over 700 calories!

Tennis/Racquetball — Tennis is another great activity for getting out and competing with your kids or against your father! Similar to tennis, racquetball is also a very fast-paced and competitive racquet sport. Depending on your weight and intensity, you can burn anywhere between 250 – 477 calories in a doubles match or 359 – 636 calories in singles match of tennis. Don’t forget to check your local YMCA branch for tennis and racquetball courts.

5K — Running has become a part of the norm, with racing events and fun-runs increasing in popularity all over the US. A simple search of “Father’s Day 5K” in your city will bring up several of these types of events. While some are competitive, most are operated as a fun event to bring you close to your family and friends – keep your eye out for “Family Fun Runs,” as they aim to get EVERYONE involved. What better way to spend Father’s Day than earning a medal with him!

Hike/Walk — If you are looking for a less competitive or more one-on-one way to spend time with your father or kids on Father’s Day, check out your local trails and parks. They are full of beautiful sights and sounds. You can spend 30 minutes to several hours, pending on what difficulty and time constraints you have. Go find a place you love or explore a new area to find a hidden gem.

Bike — Thanks to the general seasonal warming that happens in June, getting out enjoying the weather with your family is always fun! Try going for a bike ride as a family through the neighborhood or pack up the bikes and hit the trails. Go explore your local cities or trails. You will be surprised at how great of a workout it is after you’re done. You will spend the time laughing with your loved ones and forget you are breaking a sweat.

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