3 Key Benefits of Exercising in the Cold

It is getting that time of year when the weather really begins to become a hurdle to workout outside. We have lost sunlight due to daylights savings time as well as temperatures significantly dropping off. You find yourself not wanting to be very active outside, but there are a variety of benefits associated with exercising out in the cold.

  • You’ll burn more calories as your body has to regulate your body temperature with the cool elements of winter and the rising internal body temperatures due to working out. As each of us have a different body composition, the results may be minor but will make your body more efficient at this very important task.

  • It will help strengthen your heart. As we know exercise and heart health goes hand in hand. Exercising in the cold will require the heart to work just a little harder to ensure blood distribution across your entire body.

  • You will truly see the importance of a proper warm up and cool down. As we have highlighted previously the importance of preparing your body for exercise and recovery, it becomes even more important when exercising in cold temperatures. You will need to go through a proper warmup prior to getting out and moving to help prevent any potential injuries you could be exposed to.

Getting outside during the winter months is very beneficial to your body. Many suffer from seasonal depression during the winter months due to the changes in the time and the colder temperatures. Getting outside will expose you to getting some vitamin D from the sun and improve your overall mood. Exercise-induced hormones will have a positive effect on your life and those around you!

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