Former Player Chapter Meetup: Los Angeles, CA

January 18, 2020
3:00 PM
Los Angeles, CA

The Los Angeles, CA Chapter ​Meet ​Up is ​hosted ​by ​the ​NFLPA ​Former ​Player ​Services ​Department.

Enjoy ​free ​food, ​drinks, ​networking ​and ​more ​with ​former ​NFL ​players ​in ​your ​area! All ​former ​players ​are ​invited ​(NO ​Guests).

Gates open at 3 PM | Game will start at 4 PM.

Senior Director of NFLPA Former Player Services, Nolan Harris III, and Senior Manager, Lorenzo Kaufman, will ​be ​in ​attendance ​to ​share ​information ​on ​NFLPA ​resources ​and ​answer ​questions.