Our History

On November 12, 2013 The Trust launched with a simple objective, “to provide resources and benefits for former NFL players to ensure a successful post-career.”

The idea for creating The Trust arose when the question: “Why do some former players transition more successfully than others?” was posed. This led to a series of discussions with players, medical professionals, mental health professionals and experts in various other fields to determine which resources and programs were needed to attain a desirable quality of life post NFL.

After conducting several surveys, in-person focus groups and gathering data from active and former players, the NFLPA and subject matter experts designed offerings each player now receives – from the moment he decides to become a professional football player, during his playing career and after his transition from the NFL. This is known as the “lifecycle” of an NFL player.

The 2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement contains a provision (Article 12, Section 5) that guarantees funding for the benefit of former players. It is from such funding the “lifecycle” initiatives and resources are allocated.

Since launch:

  • The Trust has enrolled over 3,000 former players.
  • More than 1,000 former players have received Brain & Body assessments at our medical partner’s facilities.
  • 1,030 former players have been awarded money for continuing education through The Trust Scholarship Award Benefit.
  • The Trust Scholarship Award Benefit has awarded more than $12.9M.
  • 102 “inactive” players have utilized the Free Agent Program at EXOS to stay in top-form for a potential return to the field.
  • 300 former players have gone through EXOS’ IRT week to get back on track with their health and nutrition.
  • More than 750 former players utilize the benefit provided through the YMCA.
  • Approximately 175 former players have completed their continuing education goals.
  • 150 former players have received entrepreneurial education through Babson College.
  • More than 475 former players have contacted Financial Finesse through the dedicated hotline.

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