Our History

Why do some former players transition more successfully than others?

One question inspired the mission of The Trust: Why do some former players transition more successfully than others after the NFL? 

On November 12, 2013, The Trust launched with a simple objective: provide former players with the support they need to succeed in life after football. The earned benefits and resources made available were created with leading experts in close collaboration with former players. Areas of focus are career, continuing education, health, wellness and finances.

After conducting surveys, in-person focus groups and gathering data from active and former players, the NFLPA and experts developed an answer. Through The Trust, eligible former players receive support across six pillars:

    • BRAIN & BODY

      A former NFL player’s health is the starting point for long-term success in life. The Trust's Brain and Body and Milestone Wellness assessments are designed to assess a player's overall health and provide world-class medical services.
    • CAREER

      The Trust provides career services and counseling from top experts to explore career interests and support former players in deepening the skills necessary to excel professionally.


      Degree completion and vocational training are critical opportunities for former players to build the life they want – which is why The Trust's education pillar includes a scholarship fund.

      The Trust provides assistance ranging from financial education to planning and management, so that former players are empowered with control over their finances.

      The Trust helps former players redefine their “normal.” This begins with identifying and establishing changes in mindset, performance, recovery and nutrition that will lead to a healthy, post-career lifestyle.

      The Trust offers opportunities for former players to engage with each other socially and to support each other in creating successful lives after football.

We bring our years working with former players, medical and mental health professionals, and experts across our pillars to provide world-class resources to help you create a gameplan for the life you want after football.