Spring Clean Your Social Media

Spring is a time when many people clean out their homes including their closets, basements and garages. It could also be a great time to spring clean your social media accounts. Just like your closet, social media accounts can clutter up and you may not be optimally utilizing them. Below are some tips to give those accounts a good scrub this spring:

  1. Review your accounts: A good way to clean up your social media presence is to make sure you are using all accounts. If you haven’t logged on to your twitter account in months then maybe it will be a goodtime to shut down the account.
  2. Update your passwords: As with any online account, social media platforms can also be hacked. If you have not changed your password in a while this may be a good time to update all your passwords to optimize the security of your accounts.
  3. Check your settings: It is always wise to review privacy settings on your social media accounts. This will help you decide what content you are allowing your followers or non-followers to view.
  4. Update your picture: Make sure you social media accounts are a good representation of who you are. Specifically if you are in the job hunt and are using LinkedIn actively, you want to make sure your picture is up to date and professional. If you want to get feedback on what your picture portrays try using photofeeler.com, a photo testing tool.
  5. Update your information: If you are using social media to network make sure your profiles reflect current information (location, job title, email etc.)
  6. Check links: If you have any accounts linked or are providing links to a website, make sure those links are still working and not broken.
  7. Follow/Un-follow accounts: If you are following so many accounts that your feeds become too cluttered, take a look at who you are following and ask yourself these questions: Are these accounts that I follow providing any benefit to me or is content useful? Do these accounts clog up my feeds with information I don’t need?
  8. Review you friends/connections lists: Many times we allow people to friend us on social media that are mere acquaintances or people we actually don’t talk to on a regular basis,which can lead to having your feed cluttered with too many posts. You may want to “un-follow “people you actually are not close to or remove them from your friends list altogether.

For more ideas on spring cleaning your social media profiles, click here.

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