Benefits of a Seasonal Job

Are you currently searching for a job or are a full-time student in need of some work experience? Are you thinking of finding a side job to make extra cash? If you are, you may be an ideal candidate for one of the vast amount of seasonal job opportunities that come around during the holiday season. Besides providing you with some extra cash in your pocket, a seasonal job can also provide other career benefits.

Benefits of working a seasonal job include:

  • Resume building: Adding some experience or filling employment gaps on your resume is one of the potential benefits of working a seasonal job.
  • Get your foot in the door: A seasonal job can allow potential employers to test you out as an employee and allow you to network, so when future full time/permanent opportunities open up you are already on their radar.
  • Practice: Applying for a seasonal job will allow you to practice resume writing and interviewing skills.
  • References: Working a seasonal job also provides you with a recent reference for future employment opportunities.
  • Flexibility: Seasonal employment tends to provide flexible hours allowing you to still focus on other priorities like school or finding full-time employment.
  • Work: Some work is better than no work. A seasonal job can always provide some extra cash for holiday expenses.

How to find a seasonal job:

  • Online: Online job boards or craiglist are common places where postings for seasonal jobs can be found.
  • In-Person: Stores, restaurants and other retailers usually post their seasonal job openings with signage in their establishments.
  • Ask: Let friends, family and acquaintances you are looking for a seasonal job as they may be aware of opportunities at their work places.

An article in Forbes Magazine titled “How to Find A Holiday Job,” once stated, “If you’re a foody, consider that caterers and restaurants take on new staff over the holidays. If you’re a wine enthusiast, check to see whether your local bottle shop needs an extra clerk to handle holiday traffic. Or if you patronize a local store and know its merchandise and layout well, offer your services for the holidays and emphasize your familiarity with the inventory.

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