Become a Hoarder: Keep a Collection of Your Professional Effects

While in the midst of a job search, editing your resume and preparing for interviews, have you ever thought to yourself ”I wish I had this or that” from my old job, it would make this process so much easier?”

We work with individuals every day who have great work experience but sometimes have a difficult time articulating their successes. Saving pieces of your personal work history to show off to future employers is just what you need. Even though you are happily working away with your present employer, here is a list of six items you should be collecting that will help ease your next job search.

  1. Cheat sheet for feared interview questions: Performance reviews – Do you ever wonder how to respond to “What are your best skills ” or “What is your greatest weakness?” Your performance review can give you feedback in the present and insights for the future.
  2. Results look great on a resume: Sales reports – Hiring managers want to see results. If you perform at a high level for one company you should be able to do the same for another. So if you are in sales, keeping up with your numbers is essential. For example, you should be able to articulate that due to a new strategy that you created revenues increased by 22%.
  3. Record your successes: Be ready to answer those behavioral interview questions with an awesome Situation Obstacle Action Result (SOAR) story. “Can you tell me about a time when you were in a very stressful situation; how did you handled it? If you haven’t jotted down how you handled the craziest, most successful week of your work life, you might just forget the details of a great story.
  4. Letters of recommendation: If your hustle has resulted in a super happy client and they ask you, “Is there anything I can do for you, can I write a letter to your supervisor?" Say yes.
  5. Emails in which you received big kudos: Email them to your personal account and place them in a folder for easy access, they won’t do you any good in your work account once you have departed.
  6. Multi-media examples of your work: A picture is worth a thousand words.” While you’re at it post them to your LinkedIn.

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