Bad Resume = No New Job

AthLife Inc., Founder and CEO, Jon Harris often says, “A good resume won’t get you the job but a bad resume will certainly keep you from getting the job.” To put it simply, a bad resume is a blocker and it will keep you from getting interviewed even if you are well qualified.

Your resume should be a representation of you, your accomplishments and skills. It should be a showing of the best “you” possible. If your resume includes frequent grammar, typing and spelling errors it shows the lack of attention to detail and carelessness that you will allow. Just one error could be enough to send you into the “Thanks but no thanks” pile.

Here are a few tips to make sure your resume doesn’t get blocked.

  1. Read and re-read your resume out loud so you can hear the words you have written.
  2. Spell and grammar check will not catch everything.
  3. Ask a trusted and knowledgeable friend to proof read your resume.

To read the inspiration for this week’s post, click here and read, “Is Your Resume Flawless,” by Perry Stahlman, Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Administration at Meridian Surgical Partners.

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