4 Updates to Improve Your Digital Brand on Linkedin

Have you set a goal to focus on making improvements to your digital brand? A Forbes article about LinkedIn focused on how you can improve your utilization of this very important communication and networking tool. LinkedIn is just one part of your digital brand. Here are a few tips to get your LinkedIn profile updated.

1 - “A picture is worth a thousand words” is a timeless saying. The photo you choose speaks volumes about the type of professional you are today. If you don’t have a profile photo at all, what is that saying about you; are you ashamed, hiding, shy, lazy, private? Take the time to update this very important piece of your digital brand. LinkedIn reports that profiles with a photo are 14 times more likely to be clicked than those without. Choose a picture that is professional yet not too posed and look for a more simple or natural background.

2 - Watch your words - Your finely crafted three-year-old LinkedIn profile probably needs to be carefully reviewed. Industry lingo changes frequently. Buzz words from 2015 may sound stale today. Make sure you update your profile to represent those changes and to keep your digital brand buzzworthy. Perhaps you are planning to shift your career focus – start here by selecting new language to represent the shift toward your goals. Begin by updating your headline and skills.

3 - Back it up with the facts - If you say you possess strong communication skills, then you should share a result of that skill. If you say you are a top salesman, you cannot afford to be modest – back it up with data. If you haven’t collected data from your past successes, don’t let that stop you. Start today so you’ll have it for tomorrow.

4- Balancing act - Represent each experience with balance. Your most recent roles should be about the same size in length and depth (It’s okay to shorten older or irrelevant positions). If you are unhappy in your current role, it should not be obvious by the one sentence description you muddled through, while other roles are represented with a thorough explanation of your talents and skills.

If you are of a certain age and you are concerned about age discrimination these tips are particularly important for you. Keeping up with technology and staying on top of your digital brand is difficult in this constantly changing digital world where some employers are concerned that older employers don’t possess the skills or can’t keep pace. Show them you are prepared for today’s workforce with a killer LinkedIn profile and overall top notch digital brand.

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