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Mark Rodenhauser


Mark Rodenhauser is an NFL veteran who spent twelve years playing center in the league. A passionate teammate on and off the field, Rodenhauser uses his football experience to serve others and lead with empathy.

Born in Elmhurst, Illinois, Rodenhauser started football very young, went through high school, and eventually played college football at Illinois State University. He then spent some time in the Arena Football League before achieving his childhood goal of playing in the NFL in 1987.

Rodenhauser enjoyed his time in the NFL, spending twelve years with seven different franchises. Having entered the league at 26, Rodenhauser appreciated the opportunity to do what he loved, and his identity remained the same. His humble and resilient perspective helped ease the challenge of transitioning into the next stage of his professional life.

It was my goal since a very young man to be able to play, so to have the opportunity to play for 12 years in the league, in the specialty that I had was a huge blessing.

As Rodenhauser continued to find new challenges in life, one thing that remained constant was his passion for investing in others. He got involved in a private business and ran his own media marketing company for years. He then went into ministry for seven years, and the health and fitness industry after. Now, he is in law enforcement.

It's always been a blessing to be able to speak into other people's lives and to help them see things differently and open up opportunities for them.

Recently, Rodenhauser underwent a Brain & Body assessment through The Trust. This assessment was crucial, as it caught cancer in his thyroid and prevented it from potentially spreading throughout his body. He credited the experience for prolonging his life, describing it as “a huge blessing”.

Rodenhauser has been an advocate for player health programs for multiple decades. He lives an active lifestyle and stays on top of his diet but also understands being an athlete does not equate to being fully healthy. He encourages other players to remain proactive with their health goals, overcome their fears, and protect their bodies with the same energy that made them special enough to play in the NFL.

I really want to encourage you guys to take advantage of these programs. This was something that I advocated for, honestly, almost 30 years ago, and now to see these programs come to fruition is a blessing. Don't waste it.

One of the most courageous things that we can do as humans is to allow others to help us. Rodenhauser hopes his testimony can encourage fellow alumni to discover their passion outside of football and utilize their benefits.

Football games are important, but your life, that's reality.

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