House Of Athlete

House of Athlete is a lifestyle and wellness brand dedicated to improving both Mental and Physical Fitness for today's athletes.

House of Athlete adds to The Trust’s robust Health and Wellness Resources Pillar by supporting Former Players and free agents with two or more credited seasons and helping them achieve their wellness and elite performance goals.

As a lifestyle and wellness brand dedicated to improving mental and physical fitness for athletes, House of Athlete incorporates a holistic approach – focusing on the whole individual and health of the body and mind.

Embodying its four pillars – Train, Fuel, Recover, and Tribe – House of Athlete brings an ecosystem of support to Former Players who wish to train and recover at its Weston & Tampa, FL locations.

House of Athlete expands The Trust’s renowned health and fitness programming to South Florida. Eligible Former Players will have access to the following in-person experiences at House of Athlete’s state-of-the-art facilities in Weston & Tampa, FL.

The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is a six-week program that utilizes House of Athlete’s resources to enhance Former Players’ lives and produce long-lasting positive lifestyle habits.

At the House of Athletes' astonishing training and wellness facilities located in Weston & Tampa, FL, The Breakfast Club creates an opportunity for Former Players to work out together and rebuild the locker room atmosphere.

All Former Players with two or more credited seasons are eligible to participate, regardless of how long they’ve been out of the NFL.

As part of the program, all Former Players receive:

  • Three (3) customized workout sessions per week, offered at two different times
  • Sixteen (16) physical therapy sessions
  • One (1) initial consultation with a Performance Dietitian
  • Two (2) complimentary smoothies per workout day, one (1) post-workout meal per workout day, hydration mixes, and supplements
  • Take-home equipment, swag, and gear
Facility City Dates
HOAWeston, FL17 Jul - 25 Aug
HOATampa, FL18 Sep - 27 Oct
HOAWeston, FL4 Mar - 12 Apr

Intensive Restoration & Training Program

The Intensive Restoration & Training Program (IRT) is designed to help Former Players feel and move better. This proactive approach to health and wellness allows Former Players to enhance their life through training and recovery with House of Athlete performance staff. Integrating science and technology, House of Athlete focuses on various components of performance training, including strength training, speed development, agility training, and power development.

As part of the program, participants receive:

  • A comprehensive health and wellness assessment
  • Performance training/individualized training plans
  • Nutrition Assessment
  • Recovery access to the following:
    • Hot and cold tubs on-site
    • Altitude Chamber
    • Deprivation Tank (Float Pod)
    • Normatec Recovery
    • Yoga Class (1 per week)
    • 1 massage per month
    • Steam room on-site
    • Sauna on-site
    • Theragun Recovery Tools
  • Physical Therapy
  • Athletic Training/Rehab/Prehab
  • Two (2) complimentary smoothies per workout day, one (1) post-workout meal per workout day, hydration mixes, and supplements.

Pain Management Program

Physical Therapy

As part of the Physical Therapy benefit offered by The Trust, eligible Former Players may receive up to 16 sessions per year at House of Athlete or another elite performance partner facility. These sessions expire at the end of the fiscal year and reset annually on March 1st.

Getting back to training and living life requires more than getting over an injury. At the House of Athlete, maintaining a patient-centric approach to rehabilitation is essential in maximizing return to activities of daily living with improved function and less pain. The physical therapy services help bridge the gap between traditional rehabilitation and performance training or return to activity. Using a holistic approach to each injury, House of Athlete offers a complete evaluation of the injury and surrounding areas, looking for deficiencies and weaknesses that could have factored into the cause of the injury and that continue to limit living a fully active and pain-free life. House of Athlete offers the highest-level of physical therapy and rehabilitation services available. Its Physical Therapists are licensed, highly skilled, and friendly. Its' therapists promote healing, restore range of motion, increase endurance, and help patients get back into action.

As part of the benefit, participants receive:

  • Full Physical Therapy evaluation
  • Skilled Manual Therapy including joint and soft tissue mobilization and other appropriate modalities
  • Corrective exercise plan focused on individual goals

Free Agent Program

The Trust and House of Athlete support players who are actively seeking to extend their careers in the National Football League (NFL) by offering a fully integrated system to support all aspects of peak performance training through the Free Agent Program (FAP). Eligible FAP Participants may utilize this in-person Program until they receive their severance benefit, at which time they are no longer allowed to participate.

Eligibility requirements include:

  • Not currently active on an NFL roster
  • Must have been on an NFL roster within the last two (2) years
  • A minimum of two (2) credited seasons in the NFL

On workout days, each participant will receive two (2) complimentary smoothies, one (1) post workout meal, hydration mixes, and supplements.

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