The Importance of Time Management

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In today’s society finding a healthy work-life balance can be quite challenging. The implementation of a few simple strategies can put one on the path to success and time optimization.


Assign tasks to others to allow you to be available for more pressing issues. Do not be afraid to hand over chores or assignments that drain your time and energy. Remember little hands are just as good as big hands- allow your children to help you out around the house.


Do the most important tasks first thing in the morning. Usually, the later in the day, the most likely you are to put the task off, never complete it or not get around to doing it. Perform one task at a time remaining focused is important. Separate priorities into three buckets:

1. Needs immediate attention 

2. Can be accomplished over the next few days

3. Designated ongoing projects


When things are in their proper place you save the time you would have spent looking for them. Good organization skills maximize focus while minimizing distractions. Good organization also saves evening and weekend cleaning time.


When an activity does not require a lot of focus to complete its ok to multitask. For instance, you can do chores while talking on the phone with relatives and friends - using a hands free device of course, its one of the perks of the technology revolution.


Adhere to the routine that you have made for yourself. Be realistic about the commitment that you have set. Keep in mind that it takes approximately four weeks to form a good habit- don’t become discouraged if you miss the mark initially. Invisible creates visuals, your inner world reflects your outer world, and creating verbal declarations like, “stay focused!” can be very useful.

Remember self

Carve out downtime to invest in your well-being. The opportunity for self-reflection allows you to assess how well you are managing your time and resources. Rejuvenation in the form of sleep, exercise, hobbies and community involvement (church, mentoring, etc.) keeps one grounded.

Lastly, block out time for things that are worth it! Having things in order affords one to be at peace and relaxed to live in the moment. Enjoy friends and family; for it is during these encounters when time is most valuable and is not clouded by a monetary outlook. Reconditioning your mind, and making some of these tips your habits will empower you and improve your outlook on life.


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