Every Day Is Game Day

“To say that Athletes’ Performance changed my life would be an understatement” - Marcus Luttrell, Navy SEAL and author of the bestselling Lone Survivor

In order to be a high performer, you have to understand what your “IT” is. What is the unique goal that you are striving for? This will be personal and different for everyone. The goal could be to improve your family’s relationship, your health, friendships or career.

Once you have identified your “IT”, you must minimize the distractions, which can be very challenging. Learning how to “unplug” and staying focused regardless of your surroundings 24/7 is what makes high performers successful. Identifying your “IT” allows you to prepare for it, fuel for it, train for it, and rest for it.

Do not think of your “IT” as a goal or end point, but rather a statement that summarizes who you are, what drives you and where you want to be. Start by making your statement; try to complete it in six words or less and begin your journey to success.

Your mindset is key to your success and it applies to all aspects of your life. It’s about what you accomplish during the 24 hours of your day. Focus on your “IT” to use as motivation at the beginning of each day to perform your best in every situation thrown at you throughout the day.

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