Entrepreneurial Traits For Everyone

Have you dreamed of owning your own business? Do you feel that entrepreneurship is the right fit for you? Is it a good time to start a business? Your responses to these questions are an integral part of your career plan. Living out your plan takes preparation. Regardless of whether you are heading down a path of business ownership or not, performing at the highest level is likely a part of your plan. There are identifiable traits that entrepreneurs possess that can apply to everyone.

Think back to your experience as a professional athlete. What made you different from the rest? Was it “just” your talent or were there other traits/characteristics that separated you from others? Testimonial after testimonial suggest “talent is not enough.” The traits that led to your success on the field can be applied to your post-football career as well. You can improve upon these entrepreneurial traits, that are listed below, and incorporate them into your career plan, whether employee or employer.


The ability to push through hard times, knowing you are working toward a goal, is one key to success. If you are an entrepreneur, you know you have to work hard in order to be successful. Perhaps, as a professional athlete drive was your calling card. Allow that trait to carry over into your next career, it will be rewarded.

Creative and Strategic Thinking

Creative thinking is required to solve complex problems. Being able to strategize is the ability to look forward to what could be, opportunities, challenges, resources, etc., then make a decision that reflects vision for the future. These two traits are a winning combination whether employee or entrepreneur.


Is the job you are doing now the original position you were hired for? Has your industry changed, have you changed with it? Being able to recognize and adapt to industry and workforce shifts allows you to stay current and not be cast off as a relic of days gone by.


Is it your preference to collaborate; given the time you spent as a teammate it makes sense. Entrepreneurs are leaders and yet collaboration is important too. In their 2017 Job Outlook Survey the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) found that “78% of hiring managers seek job candidates who demonstrate strong teamwork skills”. Regardless of your career choice, don’t go it alone gather mentors, colleagues and friends to help you make key decisions.

This tip is inspired by 9 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs You Should Develop.

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