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Kirk Morrison


Kirk Morrison was drafted by his hometown team and spent eight years as an NFL Linebacker before he transitioned over to the broadcast booth with the same mentality he had on the field.

Kirk Morrison was born and raised in Oakland, California, where he grew up a diehard Raiders fan and always dreamt of playing for the organization. When starting his football journey Kirk played outside linebacker in Pop Warner and stuck with the position throughout high school and college before making it to the NFL.

Morrison mentioned the days leading up to the 2005 NFL Draft were stressful, but he had his family and agent by his side for comfort. The wait and anticipation that came with Draft Day were tough on him, so once he received the phone call letting him know that he got drafted by the Raiders, Morrison was on cloud nine. 

Morrison’s favorite draft memory was being around his family members. He recognized the sacrifices that his mom had made in the past to watch him play, so being drafted by his hometown team meant she wouldn’t have to travel as much anymore. Morrison’s advice for this year’s draft class is to “control what you can control” and avoid outside noise. He also spoke about his mindset once he finally entered the league.

Getting drafted is great, but the work is just starting now… you got to continue to keep working and getting better and that's what I always did. I always felt like I never really got there. I was so busy throughout my career just trying to prove that I do belong here. I felt like I belonged, but you just never know how people view you.

Morrison enjoyed his transition to the NFL because he got drafted before the social media era. He mentioned not having to worry about the internet craze and simply living in the moment. He described his NFL experience as, “uniquely satisfying”.

It was unique because I had gotten drafted by my hometown team, so I didn’t have to figure out where I was going to live. My whole family were Raiders fans so they wouldn't have to put on another jersey and change colors…. for me that was the best part, man. Being drafted by my hometown team.

After spending eight years in the NFL, Morrison transitioned to the Sports Broadcasting industry. He advised former players to find a peer after retiring and reach out to someone with experience navigating the hardships that come with retirement. His experience with The Trust is all about “restoring the brotherhood” of former players to be able to have a fruitful conversation.

The Trust has been there for a lot of people and has been putting on a lot of good stuff for a long time. I think people can learn a lot from them and I think that's where guys just have to find a spot to be able to sit down and talk with other guys that can help you out, because sometimes it can be intimidating, and that transition doesn't go well for a lot of folks.

Morrison wants former players to know that The Trust is an earned benefit. Trust events are synonymous with locker rooms and that’s one thing that former players say they miss the most. Players spend lots of time having conversations in the locker room more than any other place, so the events are a way for guys to rekindle that same atmosphere.

A lot of our space that we have with The Trust is reliving those moments and being back in that locker room and being around guys. I'll expect people [to be shocked] if they heard some of the conversations we had while in a locker room. But it was just guys being guys, you know, and it was fun and that's why all players seem to say this, ‘I missed the guys.’ I miss hanging out before practice. It's the little things that you would never know, yet they really meant the most. I think our events try to relive that and the camaraderie is also a huge part.

Morrison’s proudest moment of his NFL career was being drafted and spending eight years in the league. His proudest moment since retiring is getting the respect he got from fans and fellow colleagues, describing it as a “special moment”. Morrison summarized his life journey in one word, “evolution”.

How we all got to where we're at in the NFLPA is because we're constantly evolving. From youngsters to high school, college, NFL, and then when you're done playing football. It’s been out of evolving.

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