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Cory Fleming


Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Cory Fleming started playing football when he was five years old. He enjoyed playing basketball at a young age but stuck with football as a quarterback in high school. He was determined to get a college scholarship, and he eventually received one from the University of Tennessee, where he then made the switch to wide receiver.

Fleming enjoyed his time in college before being drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in the 1994 NFL Draft. His proudest moment in the NFL was having his children come to games and see him perform live. Seeing athletes from Tennessee make it to the big leagues nowadays also fills him with joy.

I feel like I was one of those guys who showed the younger generation that we can do it, you know? That was probably my proudest moment, being able to let my children see that if you work hard enough... it is possible.

Fleming described his NFL journey as, “an experience, both good and bad.” He mentioned the average career of an NFL player being so short, so decision-making is vital for a player. He also stated the need to take care of yourself financially and health-wise, while also highlighting the special bond that players have with each other.

What most guys take away from the NFL is the camaraderie with teammates in that locker room. That's the best thing that happens in the NFL. You get to meet guys that you've never met before they come from a different planet than you and you eat together, hang out together, play pool together and play basketball, like there is so much that goes on in the locker room that's so fun. You talk about each other all day and then practice, and then you go spend all your time with them after practice. It becomes a family.

Fleming spent time in the Arena Football League before retiring from football. He decided to retire because his heart wasn’t into playing the game anymore. Fleming leaned on his family for support after retiring and he values that relationship over everything. His decision to retire wasn’t too difficult for him, but he did have words of advice for those who are in a tough spot after retirement.

I think the biggest thing is to let go. For me, it was easy, but a lot of guys don't know how to let go. When it's over you have to understand how to let go… you have to develop a support system to help you transition. I always looked at it as a way to make ends meet for my family. That was not my identity. I focused on trying to be the best Cory Fleming. Don't get me wrong, the NFL money was awesome, but it still didn't change who I was.

Since retiring, Fleming has been in charge of an insurance agency for ten years. He lives with his wife and kids and spends more quality time with his family. The biggest skill he translated from football to business is communication. He loves building relationships with others and appreciates the platform that playing in the NFL gave him.

Fleming used the wellness program, specifically the Brain and Body program, and YMCA benefits as a Trust member. He enjoyed taking advantage of the benefits and said utilizing them was a “no brainer.”

I'm a believer in getting everything that I think I'm entitled to, and they offered a lot of support. I get emails all the time, just checking to see how I'm doing and so for me that was a no-brainer.

Fleming enjoyed the hospitality that was provided during his experience with The Trust services. He enjoyed the food, hotel stay, and the treatment provided at no cost. He also mentioned the reliability of the programs as one of the standout things of his stay.

I mean, it's just like, everyone is on point. They work to provide the best services for players. That's what they do. The Trust works to provide services for players. This is awesome, I didn't want to leave.

Fleming described his life journey in one word; “blessed.” He’s grateful for his life experiences that kept him humble and genuine to his word.

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