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Alex Green


Alexander Green is a former NFL running back who spent three seasons in the league. A family man and provider for his community, Green shared his football experience to help players find new life

Alex Green fell in love with the game of football at seven years old. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, he learned the game from his brothers and enjoyed the competitiveness and camaraderie of youth football. Although he struggled academically, Green enjoyed some success at the high school level and became a junior college national champion, before transferring to the University of Hawai’i.

Green saw success on the field his senior year with a record-breaking season, but off the field suffered hardship with the loss of his best friend.

I remember going to practice and feeling unstoppable... He was one of those guys who always believed that I could go to the pros… even if I didn't believe it. His passing lit another fire under me, and that season showed it.

Green’s performances during his senior year earned him media buzz, but he remained grounded and focused on achieving his childhood dream of playing in the NFL. The Green Bay Packers eventually drafted him in 2011, an experience he described as “surreal”.

I caught myself looking up in the stands during plays sometimes and just being in shock. I had to lock myself back in to actually run the play... Every day was a blessing, and I was grateful to be there experiencing new things and taking care of my family

Green spent three seasons in the league representing the Packers and the New York Jets. Unfortunately, he experienced multiple injuries that forced him to miss out on games. Despite getting released, Green remained grateful for the opportunity to live out his childhood dream and check off another accomplishment on his list.

After becoming a free agent, Green went back home to Portland in 2016 to focus on fatherhood. He tried coaching and mentoring the youth, but nothing fulfilled him in the way pro football did. His unexpected exit from the league hit him hard. Green dealt with depression and substance abuse and eventually stopped coaching.

Following a year-long search for a new team, Green’s football journey landed him in Hamilton, Ontario, where he spent the next two seasons in the Canadian Football League. Despite another injury, Green came back with a new gratitude for the game, played well, and relived his childhood dream one last time.

Once his playing career ended, Green was at peace with the decision but was not okay with not knowing what else to do. He didn't know how to cope without football and could not live life to its full potential.

I remember being in a deep dark place... and that's when I decided that I need to make the next most important phone call my life and that was calling The Trust. That's where I found new hope and a new life

Green enrolled in The Trust’s inpatient program, engaging in weekly counseling sessions that helped him understand the root cause of his condition. The decision to enroll was the best gift that he could give himself, as he’s now able to give back to his loved ones for the rest of their lives. Reflecting on his new life, Green focuses on the positives, saying, “my smile is brighter, and my hugs are tighter”.

The Trust has provided knowledgeable resources to help me understand how the body and the mind works… and help me explore my childhood trauma and post-career depression to identify the issues and solve them

Today, Green is working towards being at peace and is a reliable source for his family and community. He works as a personal trainer and has a children's book on the way. Green also serves at-risk youth in Houston, Texas, and Portland, Oregon through his Dream & Believe foundation that assists students with learning disabilities, helps athletes bridge the gap from high school to college, and provides drug and alcohol recovery and prevention.

Somebody was there to help me out with all the things that I had to fight through in my life… I want to be the same person for somebody else and help change [their] life as well

Green described his life journey in one word; “overcome”. He advises former players to find their passion after football by exploring their options, following their hearts, and not being afraid to fail or try something new.

Going through The Trust and finding that help and using the resources provided was one of the most important decisions that I've made long term, and it changed my life.

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