Former Player

Zamir Cobb

Managing Director


We are thrilled to welcome Zamir Cobb back to The Trust as our new Managing Director. In his new role, Zamir will oversee our Service and Operations teams, manage the budget and identify opportunities for strategic growth, while also serving as the lead for day-to-day operations. His passion for improving social, economic and educational outcomes, as well as his knack for forward-thinking and problem solving makes him well suited for the Managing Director position.

This is Zamir’s second stint with The Trust. In 2013, Zamir served as a Program Manager, where he made an immediate and lasting impact. He provided outreach and direct counseling to over 500 former players during the formulative years of The Trust. His exemplary work and world class customer service was consistently demonstrated. In 2016, he transitioned to the NFLPA as a Player Director in the player affairs department (PAD). While serving in that capacity, Zamir was responsible for engaging and educating active players on their rights and benefits. He is noted for his ability to build strong relationships with players and other key stakeholders. Those relationships proved instrumental in the negotiation of the newly signed Collective Bargaining Agreement in 2020.

Zamir earned a Bachelor of Social Administration from Temple University and a Master of Business from the University of Phoenix.