The Breakfast Club Exercise Overview

Exercise Overview: Low Impact

As part of the Breakfast Club at the EXOS Frisco facility, former players are participating in customized training sessions 3x a week. Below is a sample exercise that you can do at home or at a local a local gym.

One component of the program former players are immersed in is what we term Energy System Development, or ESD. Simply stated, this is our conditioning piece or the way we improve functional capacity and cardiovascular conditioning.

In this instance players are prescribed a low impact version of conditioning which is performed on a piece of equipment which unloads bodyweight yet still invokes a training effect. This can be done on a stationary bike, elliptical or even a pool. Walking on a treadmill may be considered low impact depending on the speed and intensity. We prescribe ESD in zones, so green zone is a medium intensity defined on a scale of 10 as an approximate intensity of 7. Yellow is the zone specified as low intensity, or a 5 rating on a 10 scale.

Sample Workout: ESD - Low Impact, Steady 
Duration: 20 MIN
Reps: 4 Rounds
3:00 (Green) : 2:00 (Yellow)

Begin on a bike, elliptical or treadmill and work in the green zone (7 out of 10) for 3 minutes, followed by lowering the intensity (speed, resistance, grade) for 2 minutes and entering the yellow zone. Repeat this cycle 4 times. The total training time is 20 minutes.

Exercise Overview: No Excuses Program

Created by Joel Sanders

Day 1
Circuit 1
A1. T-Pushups or Seated Chest Press Machine x 4-6 each side
A2. DB Alternating Bicep Curls x 12-15
A3. V-Up x 10-15
Complete 2-3 sets of this circuit

Circuit 2
B1. DB Bent Over Alt Row or Seated Machine Row x 10-12 each
B2. Split Squat Hold x 0:20-0:30 *go down to bottom of a lunge position and hold for 0:20-0:30 each leg
B3. Front Plank with Arm Lift x 6-8 each arm
Complete 2-3 sets of this circuit

Finish with one of the Finisher choices below

Finisher - A
C1. Mountain Climber x 20 each leg
C2. High Knee Run in Place/Jumping Jacks/Jump Rope x 0:30
Complete 3-5 sets

Finisher – B
Cardio Equipment (bike, elliptical, stairclimber, versa climber)
Complete 0:20sprint/0:10rest x 8 reps

Day 2
5 Min Cardio Warm-up (bike, elliptical, stair climber, airdyne, rower, incline hill walk)
Complete 0:15 sprint/0:45 jog x 20 minutes (bike, elliptical, stair climber, airdyne, rower, treadmill, versa climber)

5 Min Cool Down

Click here for a printable version of the workout