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Dorson Boyce


Dorson Boyce is a former NFL fullback who spent two seasons in the league. A passionate businessman and an advocate in his community, Boyce shared his football journey to help players pursue a different path.

Dorson Boyce was born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens, New York. Although basketball was the predominant sport in New York City, Boyce excelled in football and graduated high school as one of the best defensive ends in the city. He then took the JUCO route, where he overcame a shoulder injury in his second year at Allan Hancock College to earn All-State and All-American accolades.

Boyce saw success on the field, but off the field suffered adversity with the loss of his best friend and roommate. The tragedy took a toll on him, but he dedicated that year to his best friend and managed to turn things around before earning a scholarship to represent the University of Washington in the PAC 12.

It's been a grind, but I would definitely say it's well worth it. Just a young kid from the city of New York where a lot of guys like me don't make it out… don't even get the opportunity to play at a Division I school let alone the league.

Boyce spent a couple of years at the University of Washington before exploring a different route to the NFL. Although he flew under the radar, Boyce converted from a tight end to a fullback during his pro day, and his performance earned him a workout with the Seattle Seahawks. He became the starting fullback in training camp and eventually signed as an undrafted free agent in 2011.

Boyce’s journey in Seattle was brief yet impactful. He performed well in camp, and the impression he left in the locker room led the Seahawks to re-sign him shortly after getting waived. Boyce then suffered a torn labrum during the last preseason game that cut his time with Seattle short. After an eight-month rehab process, he earned a spot on Washington’s training camp roster.

Boyce’s journey in DC was a carbon copy of his time in Seattle. He became the starting fullback in camp after a teammate picked up an injury and performed well. Unfortunately, he experienced a torn labrum in the same shoulder during his last preseason game, spending time as an injured reserve before getting released.

After training in Houston for seven months, Boyce earned one last shot with the Cleveland Browns in 2014, during offseason OTA’s. Although his football journey ended there, Boyce was grateful to achieve his childhood dream, and he swiftly transitioned to the business world after.

Boyce’s decision to retire shifted his focus from playing football to developing a housing company for junior college athletes. He enjoys mentoring and almost got into coaching, but his business acumen made him pursue a different path. The transition wasn’t easy, however. After finding himself in a difficult position with sustaining his business, Boyce reached out to the NFLPA and got in touch with The Trust.

The Trust provided me with clarity and the opportunity to go out and make something happen... Whether you are having a tough time transitioning from on the field to off the field with mental health and financial education, The Trust provides you with the tools to succeed.

As a member of The Trust, Boyce benefited from the services he used and is now sharing his story to encourage former players that may be experiencing a difficult transition. He stressed the importance of developing a skillset and receiving financial education before retiring from football. With the help of AthLife, Boyce was able to find his second career in the aerospace field, taking consumers into space.

Boyce also believes it is vital for athletes to have mentors who can help them navigate within different industries. Developing a skillset is essential to a successful career transition, but mentors are there for athletes to lean on when those technical skills aren’t as applicable. Boyce credits his mentor Sidney Lee, the youngest Quality Director at Virgin Galactic, for his resurgence, along with AthLife.

AthLife has put me in a position to gather the resources I need to have a successful transition. It continues to guide me and provide me with the necessary tools to succeed.

Today, Boyce is passionate about his role as a composite consultant for Virgin Galactic, an experience he described as “incredible”. He recognizes that the business world is similar to sports, as high-level athletes possess unique skills that help them succeed, such as discipline, building team cohesion, and performing under high pressure. Boyce is currently finishing up his MBA in project management with hopes of establishing a new role within Virgin Galactic. His main goal is to bring awareness to former athletes about the aerospace industry.

Aerospace is not on the radar of NFL athletes from inner cities or minority communities… and I want to make sure that guys know… whether you've been in the league one year or eight years, the transition is not always gonna be easy. There’s gonna be highs and lows… but I feel like it's my duty to spread the word about this particular field.

From achieving his childhood dream of playing pro football to reaching another milestone in building spaceships, Boyce is grateful for the opportunities he has had thus far in his life. Now, he shares his story to pay it forward.

If I could speak to somebody finishing up right now, I would tell them to contact The Trust because they are going to give you that direction that you may be seeking. At the end of the day… we could all appreciate someone in your corner that genuinely wants you to succeed.

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