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Daniel Munyer


Daniel Munyer leads with confidence in everything he does whether it be in his role as a certified contract advisor with Red Envelope Sports or a father to his twin boys; the game of football is no exception to Munyer’s confident efforts.

Munyer, a Southern California native, was introduced to football in an unconventional way, through a Pop Warner ad in the paper at the grocery store. Once Munyer got a taste of football, there was no slowing down in pursuing his passion.

In high school, he wanted to play Division I football, then in college he wanted to make it to the NFL. For Munyer, the dream was now capable of becoming a reality.

“Everyone’s going to be bigger, faster, stronger at the next level, but I’m not going to sell myself short,” Munyer said. “I’m confident in my abilities.”

Growing up in Southern California, Munyer’s exposure to adversity via a variety of cultural experiences allowed him to realize that he wanted to grow on his own, learn from his own experiences and mistakes.

I think in life there’s experiences all the time, positive and negative. I think for me, it was opportunities to really realize, sometimes there are things that are out of your control, but ultimately you get to a point where you can be in control of your own life, your own situation by the decisions that you make on a daily basis.

This translated for Munyer while playing in college and eventually the League. Though Munyer, went undrafted in 2015, he did not let his confidence falter.

“I was a student of the game,” Munyer said. “I was a firm believer in trusting the process and knowing that your time is going to come and attacking the day one step at a time, being positive about it.”

When it came to transitioning out of the league, Munyer continued to lead with confidence. A new father to twin boys, Munyer felt certain in his decision to put up his cleats. However, it was the troubleshooting during his transition that brought some uncertainty. With The Trust, Munyer was able to navigate retirement and find his passion after football.

I’m a man of faith… I put myself in a position to be successful… I knew that I had earned the respect of my peers. For me, it was proving people wrong, but it was ultimately proving myself right that I knew that I could make this dream a reality.

“I forever wanted to remain a student,” Munyer said. “I always want to learn; I want to be a sponge. I want to be able to always level up myself to create the best advantage for myself.”

With Manpower's coaching service, Munyer has not only navigated his current role as a certified contract advisor but has also delved into discussions about his future goals and aspirations. Munyer appreciates the Brain and Body service for helping him maintain optimal health. With the option of The Trust Scholarship, Munyer is contemplating furthering his education by pursuing a graduate program to expand his skills.

Munyer believes The Trust’s services serve as essential resources to map out a path for a life after football and for keeping yourself accountable.

He urges former players to make the “no-brainer” decision to join The Trust. “I encourage every Former Player to enroll in The Trust because it’s a benefit that you’ve earned as a player and it’s a benefit that you won’t regret, and resources you won’t regret either.”

It’s the greatest game that we have to offer.

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