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Mack Brown


Hailing from the ever-competitive DeKalb County, Georgia, the “SEC of college”, Mack Brown is determined to invest in the betterment of himself and the youth in his community.

Brown became extremely active as a child; so active that he found himself being put into football at the age of five to channel all that energy. However, sports always became secondary for Brown as his parents pushed him to focus on his education before he touched the field, a value that he continued to carry and preached to the youth.

“If you were a great player in the Kalb, more than likely you’ll make it to the pros as long as you keep two feet in, stay out of trouble, keep your books, and stay committed,” said Brown.

Brown did just that and became one of the top running backs in the process; he received a Power Five scholarship when he was just a sophomore, propelling his career. At the end of his high school career, Brown received 66 scholarships to play at some of the top football colleges.

“I never wanted to just be on the team. I wanted to be the best and be effective,” said Brown.

However, this success did not come without its difficulties. During his time at the University of Florida, Brown struggled with his identity as he continued to see less playing time.

“I’m a pro athlete; that was my identity. I wasn’t playing in college. I lost my identity, I lost my swagger, I lost my confidence,” said Brown. “Things that were second nature to me ended up feeling like it was foreign.”

Through relentless training, unwavering dedication, and sheer hard work, Brown made a remarkable comeback and enjoyed a five-year stint in the NFL where success surpassed his college years. There was a new Mack Brown in town.

Loving the game is one thing, but learning how to play the game and be effective is another thing.

In addition to being an athlete, Brown started his own foundation, the Built Tough Foundation. Inspired by his father’s relentless work in helping the youth of his community, Brown hopes to mentor and alter the mindset of DeKalb’s youth. Through his foundation, he mentors children in the classroom and on the field, partners with the juvenile court, and participates in community service.

“Doing God’s work is beneficial,” said Brown. “My goal is when I come in there, if I can alter the kids’ mindset just a tad bit and show them something different, show them that somebody like me, not just me but other people, that’s just doing good things in life.”

You don’t have to be an athlete. As long as you have two feet in whatever you do, commit to a dream, and you find somebody that you want to imitate to be better and do it.

While his passion for football never left, Brown continues to serve as a role model for his community’s youth. Since retiring from the NFL in 2020, Brown started his own LLC in the real estate business where he purchases run down houses and renovates them.

“Real estate is fun and is competitive,” said Brown. “Seeing people love your product and signing the contract, and moving in these houses that are their forever homes with their kids is fun.”

Brown also found a renewed passion for education. Through The Trust scholarship, Brown received a dual MBA in real estate development and finance from Liberty University. Now, he is currently utilizing The Trust scholarship to receive a PhD from Liberty University while also working as an executive consultant for a finance firm.

“Joining The Trust was one of the best decisions I made in my life,” said Brown. “By joining The Trust, they gave me the opportunity to go back to school.”

The Trust is a big network. You can network with different guys that can mentor you, that can help you transition more easily than you can by yourself.

Brown’s goal is to go back to the league but as an NFL general manager. In pursuit of this goal, Brown intends to further his education by completing degree programs and certifications, building up his resume along the way.

“Joining The Trust will help you pivot into your next career,” said Brown. “You never know if your next career can be better than your first career.”

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