5 Mental Benefits of Exercising

With May being Mental Health Awareness month, we would like to highlight some of the mental benefits from exercise! Getting moving again, as we already know, has a major effect on our physical health. But it also hugely affects our mental status and there are many great benefits from exercise!

Reduces Stress and Anxiety – Working out can greatly increase norepinephrine, one of the body’s natural occurring hormones that affects your bodies response to stress. Also, the release of endorphins improves your mood, and in some clinical cases has been used to treat depression.

Increases Productivity and Creativity – The same endorphins released during exercise also help with the development of new brain cells and mental sharpness. Even as we all age, mental breakdown will occur, but exercise is a great way to help prevent the decline in our mental sharpness, not to mention all the other health benefits related to exercise.

Improves Self Confidence –
Basic workout routines (minimum of 30 minutes four times a week) have been shown to increase the person’s self-esteem. This increase has been shown to have effects on their personal image and self-worth. As weight loss goals are achieved, great confidence levels have been seen across populations, regardless of age or gender.

Get Outdoors –
As you are starting to get moving, or if you already are, take some time to get outdoors. Not only are you going to get some Vitamin D, getting outdoors has increase self-esteem and reduce depression. Besides, who doesn’t love a little fresh air and sunshine! This is also a great way to get other people involved.

More Energy and Better Sleep –
As your body gets stimulated from exercise, you will begin to feel more energized throughout your day, as well as get a better sleep at night. Both will allow for a more productive day, as it not always about how much you are doing in the weight room, but how you are recovering from the stress placed upon your body.

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