Benefits of Counseling

Many people everyday struggle with some form of emotional distress. While everyone deals with stress, some individuals deal with more severe mental health disorders and conditions such as depression and anxiety.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) 1 in 4 individuals over the age of 18 suffer from a mental health condition.

While many people have legitimate struggles, very few get the professional help that is available.

Some barriers to receiving appropriate help have been stigma, access to relevant care and cultural nuances that tend to encourage us to keep our problems to ourselves. While using our own personal resources like family and friends can be helpful, sometimes we need a professional voice to help us to systematically work through our concerns. Counseling can be very useful in providing a confidential setting where one can engage in dialogue with a licensed professional to obtain the much needed tools to navigate everyday life.

Most counselors have areas of specializations that afford them greater understanding into what their client is experiencing. Counseling also helps people to set relevant goals and gain coping skills to navigate everyday life. Many people who go to counseling don’t have a significant mental health diagnoses, some simply deal with everyday stress and adjustment concerns. In fact, some individuals use counseling as a means to get guidance in their career and adapt to life after football.

Cigna has partnered with the NFL to provide players (current and former) and their families 8 sessions of counseling visits per issue through the Player Counseling and Assistance Program. The counseling services are easy to access and confidential. All one has to do is call 1-866-421-8628, and our Cigna advocates stand ready to set you up with an appropriate counselor in your area.

"We encourage you to take good care of yourself by supporting your emotional wellness with the resources that are available. Counseling can be very beneficial in helping you to navigate everyday life."

Gabriel Rogers, PhD
Clinical Consultant to the NFL
Cigna Senior Health Services Specialist

Source Reference: https://www.nami.org/

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