MBA Exploration

Thinking about adding a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) to your resume? The first step in determining if you should pursue an MBA is to identify your career goals. It helps to also consider if an MBA is valuable, or required, for your desired career or future promotions in your current position.

Once you have determined that an MBA will help you in your career goals, the next step is to search MBA programs. A great place to begin your search is www.mba.com. Below is a list of the different types of programs you may come across during your search:

  • Full-time MBA programs are for those who choose to leave their career to return to campus as a full-time student.
  • Part-time and Executive MBA programs are designed for professionals who work during the day and attend classes during the evenings and/or weekends.
  • Online MBA programs are an option for those that cannot attend classes on campus. Even though most of the learning is done online, some may require attending a seminar or event on campus during the course of the program.

As you search, you will find that there are numerous MBA programs and it can be difficult deciding which one will help you best achieve your goals. No one can decide which MBA program is right for you except you. Below are some questions to consider when comparing MBA programs:

  • Is this program reputable?
    Not all MBA programs are created equal. Choose an MBA program that is accredited by AACSB. Also, find graduates of various programs using LinkedIn’s Alumni Page or University Finder tools; learn about their careers to help determine if the program is well respected by employers.
  • What is the financial commitment?
    In addition to tuition costs, consider the costs of books, supplies, and housing/travel, as needed, when determining the total cost of the program.
  • What is the time commitment?
    Reflect on the amount of time you will need to dedicate to your MBA program both in the classroom and completing class work. Decide if you are able to do this in conjunction with your other commitments.
  • Will I be able to actively network with my fellow students?
    Networking with peers in a cohort is a great benefit of earning your MBA. These connections can help you as you progress in your career.

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