Embracing Stress And Its Effects On You

In a 2013 TED Talk, Health Psychologist Kelly McGonigal revealed powerful research suggesting there are benefits to embracing short-term stress and learning to keep you stress in check, rather than waging an all-out war against it.

This research shows short bursts of stress may improve learning and memory, and strengthen the immune system. The key is reminding yourself a little stress can help you rise to challenges, strengthen relationships, and make your body more resilient. Click here to read through the article.

7 Ways Stress Does Your Mind and Body Good

  1. Stress correlates to a lower risk of death.
  2. Stress boosts the production of neurons that may improve performance.
  3. Bursts of stress may strengthen the immune system.
  4. Stress can make you more social.
  5. Stress can improve learning.
  6. Stress may improve memory.
  7. Stress may help you connect with your instincts.

Embracing Stress and its Effects on You

Have you embraced short-term stress and employed strategies to reduce chronic stress’ affect on you and those around you? Discuss your experience with a friend or family member. Perhaps ask how they deal with stress and share how your new strategies are working for you. Remember, you are the expert in everything you. So if it didn’t work out for you, consider trying different strategies to find one that does.

Click here to see what extreme stress can do to your body. Click here to see the human function curve that shows the optimal amount of stress one should have.

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