Want to add years to your life and life to your years without ever stepping inside of a gym? Having a physical activity level equivalent to brisk walking for up to 75 minutes per week, (that’s 12 ½ minutes, 6 days a week) was associated with a gain of almost 2 years in life expectancy. Having an activity level at or above 150 minutes of brisk walking was associated with an overall gain of life expectancy of 3.4-4.5 years.

This is according to research from Dr. I-Min Lee, et al. of Brigham and Women’s Hospital and a Harvard professor. For more insight check out this link:

These results are a high return on your time invested. 

Struggling to find the time? Get back to your playing days when you lived by the itinerary. Make your own itinerary by placing exercise (walking with your spouse, walking the dog, playing with the kids) on your daily calendar as an appointment not to be missed or changed.Eventually this will become a habit you won’t want to miss.