Find Fruits & Veggies You'll Actually Enjoy: An EXOS Journey Guided Path

September 18, 2017

Tip Content Provided By: EXOS

You probably know that eating fruits and veggies is good for you, and you realize that you could benefit from eating more of them.  But like 87 percent of all Americans, there’s something holding you back from actually getting them on your plate.  Whatever the reason, it's good you're here.   In the EXOS Guided Path you will discover how easy and enjoyable it is to make fruits and veggies a bigger part of your life.  It will cover some simple tips and then move on to cooking techniques and recipes you can try at home. But one thing at a time, go at your own pace, and remember to keep an open mind and enjoy the discovery process. 

Through the entire process, you will learn how to snack a little smarter as well as many other cooking tips and tricks to make all of your foods taste the absolute best!

Log into your journey account to access this guided path as well as all of the other exclusive content. If you have not signed up with for your FREE Journey account, please contact The Trust at or by calling 866-725-0063 who will connect you with a representative from EXOS. Always check with your doctor prior to starting any fitness routine. 

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