In his own words

“{Transitioning} was a very, very difficult time for me coming out of the game. I was used to getting up at a certain time and being at a certain place, and then it was like 'What do I do next?’ It was very tough, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue to play, or transition into the real world and it was just a very, very confusing time for me. I had turned to a couple of my teammates, who had retired previously, before me, and talked to them about their transition period. He told me how tough it was, and I was like, “nah, that won’t happen to me, I’m a tough guy I can get through it,’ and consequently it was a very, very tough period for me.

"{The Trust} is an incredible, incredible resource – best thing I’ve ever seen to this date. Period. It’s been really, really good."

I wish that The Trust was actually in place when I retired because when I retired, I basically hit thin air, there was nothing. I’m basically trying to figure out what to do, who to call, and this is basically what I did, I called some of my old teammates and they were telling me, “Hey, here are some of the benefits that are out there. You might want to look at this, you might want to look at that."

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