The Giving Back Fund

The Giving Back Fund (GBF) has formed a partnership with The Trust and the NFLPA to create a program called Foundation Fundamentals, providing current and former players with professional philanthropic guidance and advice.

Established in 1997, The Giving Back Fund is a national non-profit organization that provides philanthropic consulting, management and administrative services to professional athletes, entertainers, high net worth individuals and corporations. GBF offers a wide range of services to guide you in making a positive impact in your community. Whether you are looking to establish a new charitable entity, have already established one, or simply want assistance with deciding where to give your charitable dollars, GBF has services to assist you in making the best possible choices.

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How The Giving Back Fund Can Assist You:

  • Provide initial confidential consultations to discuss your philanthropic questions or ideas
  • Hold complimentary meetings in GBF's Los Angeles office with you and your advisors, or family members, to discuss your charitable interests
  • Inform you and your team on the variety of charitable-vehicle options that exist
  • Give viable alternatives to creating personal foundations such as collaborations with existing, reputable charities or the establishment of a donor-advised fund
  • Refer you to experienced fundraisers and other partners to help maximize your existing efforts

An exclusive Philanthropy Concierge 800 Line has been established for all NFLPA and The Trust members and their advisors: 1-855-GIVE-123. Calls are confidential.

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