For more than 50 years, SCORE has helped small business owners start, grow and succeed through free mentoring and education from volunteer business mentors. Former players interested in pursuing entrepreneurship or growing their existing business have access to SCORE resources including free business advice in person or online from volunteer business mentors with skills in all business industries and topics, and a wealth of free resources online including business templates and checklists, how-to videos, and both local and online workshops.

SCORE mentors provide free, confidential mentoring to help former players start and operate a successful small business. Working and retired executives and small business owners offer advice and one-on-one mentoring sessions on topics such as developing a business plan, securing financing, day-to-day management and charting business growth. Volunteers also offer low-cost workshops to provide former players who aspire to be entrepreneurs with additional training on specific business topics. In addition, SCORE business mentors offer valuable expertise in specific industries.

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How Can SCORE Assist You:

  • SCORE chapters provide business workshops and seminars on topics customized to the needs of the local business community
  • SCORE’s experienced business mentors provide general business advice on every aspect of business planning, start-up, management and growth
  • SCORE provides both in-person and online mentoring to entrepreneurs just getting started or in need of a seasoned pro as a sounding board for their existing businesses
  • For established businesses, SCORE offers in-depth training on topics such as customer service, hiring practices, using the internet for business, marketing, home-based business operations and many other issues

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