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Hillard Heintze’s Investigative Team knows how to find the critical information you need to make smart, well-informed decisions on business opportunities, investments or transactions.

Through an analysis of public records – criminal and civil litigation, bankruptcy and adversary proceedings, press and social media– they will help you make an informed decision about proceeding (or not) with a new partner or business venture.

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How Hilliard Heintze Can Assist You:


Questions Hillard Heintze Can Help Answer:

  • Is my potential business partner legitimate?
  • Is this opportunity too good to be true?
  • Is there anything he’s not telling me about his past?
  • Is the business legally organized and in good standing?
  • Has he been successful – or unsuccessful – in the past?
  • Has he been sued by partners or investors, or been charged or convicted of fraud?


The Process for Requesting an Investigation:

Contact your Program Manager and request an Investigation Document Request Form. Once Hillard Heintze receives your request from The Trust, they will call you to initiate the investigation.

A written report will be delivered in approximately three weeks and once the report has been submitted, Hillard Heintze will follow up to answer any questions and ensure they have met your needs.

For more information, contact Howard Fisher, Senior Vice President, Strategic Relationships, Hillard Heintze at 312.229.9882.

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Hillard Heintze